Our Vision

Our vision is of the people of God celebrating and participating in the mission of God throughout Yorkshire and beyond. The following values play an important role in YMC's life:

Diverse community. YMC students come from an incredibly wide variety of occupational backgrounds. Every theological outlook and church tradition is represented, making YMC a rich environment in which to study.                                                                                                            
Imaginative mission. YMC is committed to the formation of reflective practitioners who can identify what God is doing and work with others to join in. We seek to encourage imaginative development of traditional, contemporary and pioneering forms of mission.                                      
Faithful prayer. Our community is part of a wider partnership of prayer and formation in Mirfield, alongside the monastic Community of the Resurrection, the College of the Resurrection and the Mirfield Centre. Retreat and prayer is central to our rhythm of training.  

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